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Sana has a unit with Reina right, or am I mistaken?

Sana and Reina have been in an event together, though I can’t recall if they’ve been in a unit immediately

are the triad primus idols in other units? other than rin in ng of course

Other than Triad Primus and New Generations, Rin has been in Autumn Night Songstresses with Hori Yuko and Sakuma Mayu. There’s also a spinoff of Triad Primus called Triad Primus -N.R- featuring just her and Nao.

For Nao, there’s the previously mentioned Kyomachi Maidens with Chieri and Kirari. She’s also in Midsummer Santa Girls with Eve Santaclaus and Tsukimiya Miyabi, and Happening Santa with Araki Hina and Mifune Miyu.

Karen’s other units are Monochrome Lily with Hayami Kanade, and Mika and Karen’s Make Uzuki Cute Squad with Jougasaki Mika and Shimamura Uzuki.

Any units koume is in besides the one shes in with syoko and sachiko? (Actually im not sure of the name of that unit is off the top of my head either)


Koume’s unit with Sachiko is named The Cute Me and the 142’s with Sachiko at the center. Named because they are all 142cm in height.

She has also been in Rough and Fierce with Matoba Risa at the center and Hayasaka Mirei.

It should also be mentioned that she’s on good terms with fellow horror movie fan Matsunaga Ryo, though they have not been in a unit yet

Following this up because I dug up more units

  • Snow Fairies with Anastasia
  • Halloween Party '12 with Mochida Arisa and Kita Hinako
  • Maid Unit with Miyamoto Frederica and Namiki Meiko
  • Maid Collection with Togo Ai and Makihara Shiho

yui ohtsuki and chieri ogata

Ohtsuki Yui’s units are:

  • Canary Yellow with Ryuzaki Kaoru, Aino Nagisa, and HImekawa Yuki
  • Sakura Blossom with Aikawa Chinatsu
  • Raindrop (Center) with Wakiyama Tamami and Harada Miyo
  • Sexy Gals with Jougasaki Mika and fujimoto Rina
  • Steamy Hot Spring with Takagaki Kaede and Momoi Azuki

Ogata Chieri’s units are:

  • Pink Dot Balloon with Mochida Arisa, Mimura Kanako, and Yanase Miyuki
  • Pinky Cute with Shimamura Uzuki and Kohinata Miho
  • 397cherry with Maekawa Miku and Abe Nana
  • D.L.F.S with Kobayakawa Sae and Sagisawa Fumika
  • Pajama Party with Kawashima Mizkuki and Manaka Misato (Kurokawa Chiaki also presumably)
  • Kyomachi Maidens with Moroboshi Kirari and Kamiya Nao
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