you know what i cant get over through the most though. car pope.

The entire cars universe is a carwreck

SMTIV was a shitty game

But damn, did it have a good system

Have less being lost, less 50/50 recruiting, less grimdark edgy story, and a more character based one and it would’ve been an amazing fucking game

…what do you mean i just described devil survivor 2 shut the fuck up

disney is honestly getting so full of shit with each release they try to pull and it keeps getting worse and worse good lord

CARS 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saki is stronk too dang

I win SideM everyone go home

every time i see anzu happy i’m like “yes this is why i got into cg in the first place GOOD”

Cinderella Girls:

  • Official Abbreviation: Deremasu
  • Fandom Abbreviation: Mobamasu
  • English Abbreviation: CG

Million Live:

  • Official Abbreviation: Milimasu
  • Fandom Abbreviation: Greemasu
  • English Abbreviation: ML


  • Official Abbreviation: ???
  • Fandom Abbreviation: Homomasu
  • English Abbreviation: ???

I get incredibly giddy when I find good 8bit mixes that are actually 8bit and not just lazy chiptune labeled as 8bit



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