i’m not on anon because i have the guts to say what i have to say instead of hiding behind a computer screen.

yeah too bad you had nothing of substance to say lmfao




Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you 1 thing I love which starts with that letter.

The Daily Show with Emily Stewart

I’m only bitter I didn’t gain any new followers over this like Des did smh

who cares about drama

do you care

i don’t care

look at these cute ass chick donuts i bought today

why do you hate so much on cutely-perverted? just curious.



I don’t post unsourced art, first of all. I shouldn’t be held responsible for the OPs actions when reblogging something. Second of all, if my names mentioned in a post it will show up in my tag. It doesn’t need to have my username in the tags. Maybe your girlfriend should’ve considered not talking bs about people and not expecting to get called out on it. Please make sure you’re accurate before spreading false information.


Shoutouts to my man CJ for reblogging this since they deleted it from their blog.

Because she’s shittin on me for spreading false information (because i literally do not care enough to look on that shitty blog long enough, so i’ll just trust that one anon that sent the ask about unsourced art) but she like


That fucker reblogged a post from my girlfriend’s private personal blog.

I know that “lol it’s the internet, anything you post is public and up for scrutiny”, but come the fuck on, that post wasn’t tagged and only her close friends were given the url prior.

That and she’s a kawaii uguu pastel moeshit fuck this text is so tiny i can’t read it blog that self promotes her shitty own blog on other people’s posts and unsourced art.

"if my names mentioned in a post it will show up in my tag"

That’s a fucking lie lmfao, that only works if you put @ before it, like oresky. Otherwise, you have to look through the goddamn tumblr search to see if someone said cutely-perverted in a post smh

in fact, cj, tell me. since you have a canon precure url, how often do you see notifications saying people said oresky on your dash? never, right?

No! I'm not friends with her, at all. I haven't even talked to her before. I was just honestly curious.

Sorry for the accusations then! It seemed weird to get a response from only 1 post

Stop being soft

Time to get hard

Fuck your gf

I will once she’s legal.

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